Bedbugs: The Great Travelers

Are you waking up from a peaceful sleep with red marks on your face, arms or body? If you are, chances are you could have bedbugs in your mattress and box springs. Here is some information for anyone who travels or is experiencing bites on them when they wake up!

Bedbugs are parasitic insects that live on the blood of animals or humans - their bodies are flat, but swell up significantly after feeding. They primarily bite humans at night and attack any area of the skin that is exposed. The bites are typically painless at first, but turn into itchy red welts.

Bedbugs nest in warm houses and and are typically found inside beds and bedding or other sleep areas. Bedbugs can also be found in recreational vehicles (RV’s), (OTR) truck sleepers, boat cabins, pop-up campers and even luggage. These insects are often referred to as the “The Great Travelers.”

Helpful Hints When Traveling

  • Upon arriving at your hotel, place all your luggage into the bath tub. Bedbugs are not likely to be in the tub because the surface is slick and there is not likely to be a food source there.

  • Do not unpack any luggage until you have performed an inspection sweep of the room. If you notice dark or rusty spots on or around the bedding, your room may be infested.

  • Pull off the bed sheets at the corners particularly near the headboard.

  • Look behind the head board by lifting it off the wall or pulling the bed away from the wall.

  • Check the night stand as well by removing the drawers and looking at the bottom.

  • Look behind pictures hanging above the bed headboard. Bedbugs can be found there as well.

  • Use the luggage stands instead of putting things in the dressers, if possible. If you use the dresser drawers to store your clothing, then you must make certain the room is free of any infestations first!

  • When you prepare to leave your hotel room, please check all your clothing and luggage for any signs of insects. Check all the tight areas and pockets of your luggage.

  • If you find any bedbugs or evidence of them, then you need to report it to the front desk immediately and request another room.

Hotel managers and staff are always trained to be on the lookout for these insects, however, they are not easily detected from one day to the next as travelers move about the country so frequently.

If you find that you have brought these insects home with you, please contact us right away to discuss a treatment program to eliminate them from spreading to other family members or friends that visit you.

Happy Travels!


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